BoneTown Game Mods!
These are the first game mods for BoneTown that I’ve
seen - many thanks go out to kelandenra for the fine work
on these!
The first one is his Satan Mod which is an excellent
rework of the original character and a nice change after
running around for some months with those huge friggin’
horns blocking up the screen!
The second mod is kelandenra’s Girl Mod which adds a
tasteful bit of hair ‘down there’ on the female characters.
Wastecase updated the original files with alpha layers to
correct some minor problems, so if you’ve downloaded
kelandenra’s original files - be sure to grab this updated
Screen shot Muff #1 - Black
Screen shot Muff #2 - Plain
Screen shot Muff #3 - Latina
Mod installation instructions and original game file
backups are included in each .zip file.
The Plain Muff file that you’ll find inside the download
affects the white/light skinned chick texture - but they
have a few different hair colors, so ‘the drapes don’t
always match the carpeting’ for them with this mod. Just
use the original Plain Muff file and replace the rest of the
Muff files with the modded ones if you don’t want girls
running around with mis-matched hair/bush color in your
game. You’ll get a nice mix of hairy vs. shaved muff
chicks this way!
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